Monday, October 5, 2009

My Weekend At Home

I thought I would show everybody some of the things my sister and I worked on over the weekend. Over the next few weeks our theme is "About Me" so we worked on making file folder games and lapbooks and a few activities dealing with that theme.

Feelings lap book. Carisa from this blog made this and put all of the printables on her blog to share. How awesome is that?

Body Works lap book. Everything for this came from Homeschool Share.

Flip book came from First Palette. I thought it could be a fun way to talk about how God made us all different.
This file folder game about your five senses came from here
We also made these cute clothes with the upper and lower case letters on. She can use them for lots of activities but I think she will enjoy hanging them on a clothesline and matching the upper and lower case letters. I have seen this idea on several awesome blogs but for the life of me can't remember which ones. Sorry!
We also did a little crafting with our new Cricut. I can't say enough great things about this machine! It is so easy to use (except the Wild Card cartridge :) ) and fun! My creative juices still haven't started flowing yet but I know the possibilities are endless!! We made these cute BOO frames for the mantel. The idea came from here. Could her ideas be any cuter? We also used the Cricut to cut out freezer paper stencils and I made Ellie a spider shirt for Halloween and a reindeer shirt for Christmas. I was disappointed with the spider shirt because the pink paint had sparkles in it and it just didn't cover well so the paint is just to thick but Ellie still loved it!!! She saw it and said "WOW, is that Anansi the spider?" and I said "It sure is!!"


Christopher said...

Wow...did you sleep? All the activities look like so much fun. I really like the flipbook to show how different God made all of us. I can't wait to hear how the activities are received. You are so good!

Teresa said...

I am drooling. When can the King take Abby away for the weekend?????

Katy said...

looks like a fun filled BUSY weekend!! Great work!