Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well once again I skipped a few school posts. A few weeks ago we focused on the letter T and turtles. I found some great books at the library on turtles even though Ellie's favorites were the Franklin books we already own and I also borrowed several turtle puppets which was fun. Our friends joined us for school some that week and Ellie loved that. We had a turtle snack, which I saw on another blog but can't remember which one, and Ellie's favorite activity was make thumbprint turtles. Ellie also practiced cutting measuring different items with the unifix cubescoloring a scarecrow putting the acorns in order (largest to smallest), and working with her bottlecap letters. Emily drew on her magnetic boardput coins in her piggy bank, played with the felt board, and played with stickers.We went on a long nature walk in the woods and Ellie played a long time with a granddaddy long leg spider. Lets just say his legs weren't so long after awhile:( The highlight of that week though was a science class that Ellie participated in. She had a blast!!

This past week we started our About Me theme. I traced the girls bodies and then we colored them. Ellie also traced her dolls body and we talked about our different body parts. We gave baby Kate a bath to show how to keep our bodies clean. To finish off the week we threw Baby Sara (Ellie's baby doll) a birthday party. We did this last year too and Ellie has never forgotten it. We played games, blew up balloons, had snacks, danced and of course had cake (Melissa and Doug wooden cake). It was a lot of fun.


Christopher said...

What great ideas and the girls seem to really be into the activities.

Teresa said...

I love how pants are optional at your school. :)