Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend at Grandpa's

Chris and the girls went to his dads for the weekend and they had soooo much fun!!! I don't think either of the girls were ready to come home but I was sure happy to see them. Here are some highlights from their weekend:

What did I do all weekend? I spent time crafting with friends and my awesome sister stayed with me this weekend and helped me make some new school activities. We also shopped, ate out and slept late (not really for her but for me it was sleeping late)!! It was a well needed, well appreciated weekend but glad to have them back!


Cindy said...

Lucky girl. I have never had a weekend to myself and my oldest is 17. Not that I am trying to get rid of them or anything. The kids have gone to Gram and Gramps before for the weekend but then I still would have hubby at home to dote on. I guess I am overdue.

Katy said...

Looks like an amazing time!! So glad y'all had a great weekend!!!

Christopher said...

It was a win-win for everyone. Julie got time to do what she wanted, I got to spend time with my Dad and brothers, and the girsl got to spend time with Grandpa. The girls were not ready to go home becuase Grandpa and Uncle Kevin were so good to them. They had a blast. That being said, they were so excited when they saw their Mom. What a blessing to have such a loving family!