Monday, October 19, 2009


Nutrition was the theme last week in our About Me studies. We had so much fun with this topic!!Several of the activities came from this great blog.
Chris was off so we didn't really have school

  • Introduced the girls to the food guide pyramid and talked about each category

  • Sorted play food into the different food groups - I laid out different colored construction paper that coordinated with the different colors on the pyramid for the food groups. Ellie did so great with this and really enjoyed it.

  • Made a healthy snack - I can't remember where I saw this idea but it was not my own - Take a piece of bread and cut off the crusts and roll it flat, put peanut butter over the whole piece and then add long slices of apple, roll up like a sushi roll and enjoy
  • Made a big pot of stone soup outside. We went on a nature walk in the morning with some friends at the greenway and collected lots of rocks, acorns and such and we used all of those goodies for our soup. We used the tops of acorns as bowls to eat our pretend soup. To bad Emily didn't get the memo to not really eat it!!!! BARF!
  • Read books (Good Enough to Eat and Gregory the Terrible Eater)

  • Cut up apple and strawberries to make fruit prints (not a big hit with the girls but I liked it!!)
  • Talked lots about what food is healthy and what food is not and eating the colors of the rainbow

  • Made an apple dessert - OK not very healthy but at least it had apples:) It went along with our topic on eating sweets in moderation. That is how I justified it. Let me just tell you that this dessert was so yummy!!!!
  • Re-read our books
  • Went on a grocery store scavenger hunt

  • Planned out a healthy meal using all of the food groups. We really enjoyed this because it gave us a chance to look through cook books.

  • Made another healthy snack from Paula Deens cookbook that a friend suggested. The recipe was to take apple slices and spread peanut butter on one side, add a layer of cheddar cheese and another apple slice on top.

  • Talked about the importance of trying new foods
  • Set up a grocery store and made shopping lists. This was a huge hit with both girls even if there was some fighting over the cash register:)
  • We surprised daddy with a "fancy" meal that we planned out the day before:
Roasted Chicken, quinoa with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and sweet potato fries with chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. We all tried quinoa for the first time, which was yummy and Ellie also tried mushrooms for the first time. She really liked them.

I was so impressed with how much the girls wanted to help cook and Ellie set the table all by herself. Dads place setting had a ladle for a spoon and a huge fork used for cooking:) She also picked out every bodies fancy outfit. I spared you those pictures!!!!


King of King said...

Maybe Ellie was trying to tell her dad something with the latle and big fork?

Christopher said...

I love the talks the nutrition teaching sparked at the dinner table. Nothing like having your little girl tell you what you should be eating and why.