Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Chore System

I have read about Managers of Their Chores several different times in the past year and I finally decided to order it and I am SO happy that I did!!! Ellie has had a chore chart for awhile and done really well with it but I was ready to change it up a little. I can't say enough great things about it. It takes a little time to set it all up but it is well worth it. Each chore gets its own card and the cards are numbered in the order they are to do the chore. You make chore cards using their template. Each card has a number, the chore (in picture form for pre-readers) and what day to do the chore. All the cards go into a laminated pouch that clips onto their clothes. After they finish the first chore the card goes into the back of the pouch and this continues until they get back to the first card. It makes more sense after you read the book:) The book really stresses the importance of checking the chores afterward to make sure it was a job well done and this has really helped Ellie not just halfway her chores because she knows I will make her do it right. It only took a few days of me reminding her after breakfast to clip on her chore pack. It has been wonderful!!!!! The cutest thing was when Emily called after her and she told Emily to wait because she was busy with her chore pack and explained to her all about it. Here is what is in Ellie's chore pack as of now:

Everyday she has listed: (We practiced all of these for a week before letting her do it herself)
Brush teeth (includes putting the lid back on the toothpaste and putting everything away)
Get dressed
Put PJ's away (either dirty clothes or drawer depending on if the are clean)

Monday-clean room
Tuesday-take out upstairs trash
Wednesday-clean off the stairs
Thursday-clean room
Friday-clean playroom

We having been using chore pack since the begining of December and I am blown away at how well Ellie can clean at 4!!! I can't say enough great things about this chore system and I see us using this system from here on out. I even plan on making a chore pack for me:)


Teresa said...

Dude - I need my own chore pack.
What a great system.

Katy said...

Great job girls! So proud of Ms Ellie!!