Friday, January 29, 2010


Monday was our first day using Sue Patrick's Workbox System and it went great! Our plan is to do the workboxes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursdays we are going to focus on Five In A Row and take Friday off. I worked with Ellie pretty much the whole time to teach her how to use the system and she was very excited!! I am trying to use it how Sue recommends (except I am using 9 drawers instead of 12 boxes) and then I can tweak it however needed as we go along. Here is what our workboxes look like:Here is what I put in the boxes on day one in no particular order: (I tried to mix a good variety of easy in because I didn't want to overwhelm her or me the first day!)

Valentines Craft

Valentines books with snack (Cookies for the first day because I am a cool mom:) )How to Build an A: Letters A, B, CCounting WorksheetPuzzleLacing CardReading Lesson (which I am not loving)Sequencing CardsPutting the numbers 20-29 in order

I think this system is going to work great for us and really keep me on my toes!


Jennifer said...

Yay! Another workbox mom! I love this system so much. I like your boxes too. :) We use 100 Lessons, and Ordinary Parent's Guide, and I have to say 100 Lessons is IMO better at helping the child really master the words (so much review!), while Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading is very explicit in their instruction (think phonics rules), but lacks adequete review. The sentences are really strange and stilted in OPG as well. But 100 Lessons has really long stories after a while which was laborious for my lo, so it's a toss up. I almost think now that teaching reading isn't ever going to be easy peasy. It's hard work, no matter what curriculum you use unless you have a genius child! I'd love to read a post about your opinions on 100 Lessons!

Teresa said...

Love it!

Melenie said...

That looks great! I can't wait to come see your new set up.

Katy said...

awesome!! You are a cool mom! Love the different lessons. I've got some lacing cards if you want to switch it up some.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Don't you love being organized? Holler at me if you need help talking through your kitchen remodel. Good luck and please email me pictures when you are all done.

Virginia Lee said...

Hi, I just noticed you were following my blog, thank you!

Looks like ya'll are loving workboxes. Putting snack in there is a fun idea. You're the first mama I've seen do that.

Christopher said...

What a great job you did putting that together...way too organzied for me. I bet she was really excited.

The Greevers Posse said...

Very cool ideas!

I appreciate you sharing them.
Love to get new ideas for my homeschoolers. I've got 5 at home (ages 10-1).

Like Jennifer, I would love to hear more on your opinions on 100 Lessons.
We personally take the Glenn Doman approach to reading.