Thursday, January 21, 2010

BIg Green Pocketbook

I wrote a post awhile back on the book The Big Green Pocketbook. We loved this book and I was really excited when our friend invited us to do some Big Green Pocketbook activities with them. She planned out so much fun stuff!!! Just to refresh your memory the story is about a little girl who takes a bus to run errands with her mommy and she takes along an empty green pocketbook. Every place they go she is given something to put in her purse. At the end of the story her purse is full but she accidentally leaves it on the bus but the bus driver drops it back at her house in the mailbox. The little girl draws the driver a thank you note with her new crayons. So here is a list of activities we did with the book:(unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don't have very many pictures and I am not sure where she got her ideas and printables.

She started off by giving everyone a bag, aka their pocketbook, and a coin. As she read the story she had everyone put their coin in the bus drop when the little girl did. She gave them each of the items the little girl received as she came to them in the book: two lollipops (one for now and one for later), a pocket calendar, a key chain, new crayons, and gumdrops shaped liked orange slices . She even had a little mailbox that the girls got to open with a little green purse in it at the end of the story!

  • After hearing the story they painted their bags green by mixing blue and yellow paint together

  • She talked about the shapes on the little girls shirt and then gave each of them a tub of rice and they had to find the shapes hidden in the rice and then name the shape.

  • They glued shapes onto a cute little green purses and attached yarn for the handle.

  • They strung beaded necklaces with fun shapes because they visited a jewelry store in the book

  • Colored a fruits of the spirit page and talked about how they related to the characters in the book

  • Practiced writing the letter L on a cute L is for Lollipop sheet

  • Pulled different green items out of a closed box and tried to guess what it was (they loved this so much)

  • After lunch they had an ice cream cone just like the little girl did at the soda shop.

We are going to take the girls on a bus ride soon and they are very excited!! It was such a fun day!


Katy said...

what a fun idea! Love it!

King of King said...

You have such a good amagination and i wish you had been my mommy.