Thursday, January 7, 2010


Olivia is one of my favorite children's book and luckily the girls love it too! We did a little unit study on Olivia with our friends and it was so much fun! Here's our activities:

  • I read the book and used our felt pieces as I told the story. I printed the pictures from Nick Jr and then I laminated the front and glued felt on the back. Nick Jr. had a lot of fun stuff to do with Olivia on there site.
  • We went on a red hunt and loaded up our bags with all things red since that is Olivia's favorite color. Then we counted all of our things individually and then added them together.

  • We painted pictures like the ones Olivia saw in the museum and while they painted I went over different things that happened in the book and asked the girls if Olivia made a good decision or bad decision and if it was bad how could she have done it differently.
  • We practiced writing the letter "O" for Olivia.

  • Talked about and acted like pigs since Olivia is a pig.

  • Colored a picture of Olivia.
  • Learned the sign for o and red

  • Played with moon sand since Olivia built sandcastles at the beach with her mom.

Homeschool Share some neat ideas as well!


The Activity Mom said...

Super cute! Love all of those activities. B really likes Olivia too. I should make him some felt pieces for his board.

Montessori Moments said...

What a great "Olivia" post!
Thanks for sharing!

Christopher said... got a lot of millage of Olivia. I love the way you make the lessons such fun games.