Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinner and Stuff

This weeks menu is:

Hotdogs w/homemade fries and baked beans

Roast w/potatoes, carrots and onions with french bread

Black bean and rice burritos

Chicken casserole w/lima beans and fruit

Cube steak w/gravy over rice and greenbeans

Girls menu:

Breakfast: Bojangles, Cereal, Pancakes, Toast, Muffins

Lunch: Muffin Tin, Bagel Faces, PB&J, Pasta, Quesadillas

Chris and I are having solo date day with the girls once a month. Chris and Ellie had a date Sat. and Emily and I had a date. Next month we will switch and I will be with Ellie. Emily and I ran a few errands but had some good one on one play time at home. It was so nice because I am never with Emily by myself. Chris and Ellie left the house at 9:30 and didn't come home until 3! They went swimming at the Y for 4 hours and ate lunch of course. What a wonderful dad he is. Ellie was exhausted (so was Chris) but she is doing so great with the water. She will go under water and blow bubbles and open her eyes under water. I am so proud of her.

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Christopher said...

The Hotdogs w/homemade fries and baked beans were delicious and a hit for everybody.

I don't know about the wonderful Dad part...more like a big kid who likes to play. I am so proud of Ellie too and I love to watch her get excited as she advances. She was so funny because she would say, "Dad say you’re afraid to go under the water!" When I would say it she would say, "I will show you!" Then she would tell me I was doing good or "Don't worry we can do it together." What a blessing she is!