Saturday, February 14, 2009


The trend for preschool lately seems to have preschool one week and do absolutely nothing the next!!! This past week was our week to do nothing but last week was pretty fun and productive. I didn't do the best job at recording what we did (something I am going to work on) but a few of the things were Montessori type activities. We transferred colored water into the butterfly suction cups with a dropper. You can see how proud of herself she was because she didn't spill any. We also transferred water using different utensils into the ice trays, which we used later in our lemonade. We played with our bug game and cards. I love this activity. We sorted the bugs by color and type and then used the cards to do repeat patterns. I think I enjoy this more then Ellie. We played Scrabble Jr. or at least the made up way. I found this game in excellent condition for only .99 at Goodwill. We took turns drawing a letter and matching it on the board. Anytime one of us made a word we got to have the other person do something. Talk about being silly. I think Ellie was doing donkey kicks in this picture. Some of the activities were run around the kitchen five times, hop up and down, sing a song, act like a frog, act like a baby, and the list goes on and options are endless. We also added the word "is" to our word worm and read lots and lots of books.

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Christopher said...

Too much fun! She is responding to it well. I can tell such a difference as far as playing games and reading with her. Your doing such a great job with her.