Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Emily

Emily is such a big girl!!!! She started walking around the first of the month but it still surprises me to see her come walking in the room. She is such a happy smily girl who loves to laugh which makes us all laugh. I know I have said it over and over but she plays so great by herself. I bought her a Little Tykes slide recently and she can climb up it and slide down all by herself!!!! That blows me away. She will do it over and over. She rolls cars down it and pushes her stuffed animals down it. She recently has started carrying around baby dolls and while she is carrying the baby she is saying It is so precious!!! My favorite thing she does is flip through books and if I am sitting on the floor she will carry a book over and sit in my lap so I can read it to her. She also has several stuffed animals that she loves! A star wars character that we call her chewy, even though Chris informed me it was an ewok, and a stuffed lion. She sleeps with both of them.

Could she be any cuter??????


Katy said...

What a muffin!!! She is getting SO big!! Please give her hugs and kissed from Aunt Katy and Uncle Joe

Christopher said...

I don't think she could be cuter...that last picture is too cute. I still get startled by her because I think Ellie is coming and it is the little one.