Friday, February 20, 2009

Library Books

We have recently gotten some more cute Library books that I would recommend. I think I get more excited then Ellie does when we get books. I love to read to the girls. I have to say though, it surprises me how much I have to change the wording in a book. So many books that we have gotten lately use words like stupid, dumb, ugly etc. It really surprises me!!! Anyway, some of the books I would recommend are:

The Listening Walk

It is about a girl who goes walking with her dad and all of the different things she hears on the walk. We really enjoyed it and we are going to take our own listening walk on the next warm day we have. I made a listening scavenger hunt for her on excel. I will just have her X or put a sticker beside any of the noises we hear.

Another book that Ellie enjoys is Arnie The Doughnut. We have checked this out several times and she still gets excited to read it. It is about a doughnut who doesn't realize he is going to get eaten until it is almost to late. It is pretty funny.

The last book that we really enjoyed is What Would You Say Dear? This is a cute book about manners but it is also one of the books where I had to change the wording. It gives odd circumstances and ask what manners you would use in that circumstance.


Jaxon said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. In response to your 'cabinet question' I just sanded, then painted a good primer and it stuck great. I did drop the broom one day and got a scuff, I think if I would have sanded a little better it may have prevented it but I don't know for sure. I had all my downstairs cabinets done by a pro and I still get little scuffs so they may need touch ups now and then. All in all, I've been in this house 2 1/2 years and am very pleased with all my painted cabinets. :)

Teresa said...

Thanks for the ideas. I want a copy of that sheet you made. Love it.

Christopher said...

I love the books too. When we read the listening walk we always stop to see what we can hear. It is so cute to watch Ellie strain to hear something. You do such fun things!