Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We had a good school week last week but I guess anything is better then what we did the week before, which was nothing:)

This week we added the word AT to our word worm. I am just amazed at how easy and fun the sight words have been. In the car we played a lot of I will meet you AT ? and sometimes we would spell it and say I will meet you A..T... ?. This game got very silly but it worked. She would read books and pick out the word on her own and also the word THE from last week. Silly I know but I was so excited:)

She wanted to break out her foam alphabet puzzle and put it together. I will admit I wasn't excited because last time she dumped them out and that was the extint of playing with them but this time she put the whole thing together. I was so proud!!!! It took quite a bit of time so I couldn't believe she stuck with it. It is amazing the difference a few months make! We played lots of letter games on the mat but mostly it was her stage for singing.
We put together lots of puzzles. I found a box of 24 piece 2 sided kids puzzles I had forgotten all about so we put several of those together.

We played LOTS of games. I taught her how to play Go Fish. She really enjoyed this and it is such a good numbers game.
She practiced writing her name and also the word at. She gets so frustrated when she is writing and doesn't get the word exactly right. There is lots of grunting and growling but when she gets it, boy is she proud of herself. I promise I don't make her sit and write and actually try to talk her into doing something else when she is frustrated:)

We also worked on her numbers 11-20 some more. She has got 11-15 licked but 16-20 is still a bit jumbled. She worked with the big alligator teeth again with her numbers but the big hit this week was the candy store. We played this over and over and over. Tons of counting and eating involved. I printed the activity from Kidssoup. If you are the store owner you had to sort out the candy hearts by color and if you were the shopper you had to bring in your list and tell the store owner what you needed. The owner would then count out the hearts you needed and then count the total number of hearts at the end. Of course you paid in hearts at the end and the owner ate them.

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