Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day = Lazy

Oh my goodness we were lazy on Valentines Day! I felt guilty but it also felt good:) Nobody cooked all day we just kind of snacked and then ordered pizza for dinner. Except for Ellie we all took a nap at some point during the day. Chris gave me and the girls a big box of chocolates so there was lots of junk food eating. I think we all had a great day. Ellie said that it was the best Valentines Day ever (in all of her 3 years). I stuck with my New Years Resolution and gave handmade gifts. I made Ellie a cape which she seemed to like. I know it doesn't look that great but I was proud of it any way. Ellie made dad a card. It was so cute. I asked her a series of questions about Chris and then I just copied down her answers. Two of the cutest questions and answers were:

If dad could go anywhere where would he!

What makes daddy happy.....playing with me!

After Chris and I put the girls to bed we watched Life With Dan and I got a massage:) It was a great day!

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Christopher said...

I love the cape...what little kid does not want to be a superhero and fly everywhere? It was a great day. As Ellie said, it was all about being nice to each other.