Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I LOVE Chocolate!!! I love all sweets but anything chocolate is my favorite. Both of the girls have taken in my footsteps and have a love for all things sweet. So what better way to spend the couple weeks before Valentines Day learning all about chocolate. I ordered this ChocolateChallengeCoverSM

Download N Go Chocolate Challenge. It is 94 pages of all things Chocolate for only $7.95. We will learn where chocolate comes from, how it is made, types of chocolate, the science of chocolate and much more. Some of the information is a little too old for them (for grades K-4th) but I think we will get to use a lot of it! I am sure there will be some taste tasting as well:)


Christy said...

The cover alone has sent me into a chocolate frenzy!!! I bet you will have lots of fun. We have made chocolate play dough before - that's always fun!

Katy said...

wow that just sounds EVIL!! but oh so good!

Billy & Megan said...

does this mean you're eating sweets again? otherwise, this just sounds like torture!