Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Emily’s 1st Week of Raising Rock Stars Preschool

After having several weeks off from school we started back to school Monday. Both girls were so excited, which just melts my heart because it is inevitable that one day they will complain about it. Emily started the Raising Rock Stars (I highly recommend this program) and it has gone great this week except for a few tantrums. I was really unsure on how I would juggle both girls needing so much help and it has definitely been harder on me but I have made a conscious effort and prayed about being patient. I also have gone over our class rules before school each day and have been very firm about keeping the rules!

DSC01826Here is the board we are using for circle time. It is just a foam board that I pinned to our hanging felt board. I set it up just like Carisa did. It has all of the below on it plus the song we are working on for the week(This Little Light of Mine) and an application sheet on how to let our light shine throughout our day.

Letter: L l


Shape: Circle

Sight Word: See

Color: Yellow

Bible Verse: Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Each day we watched her inactive slide show that is for members only for RRSP. Anything on the computer is a huge hit.

DSC01856She colored this candle with her verse on it. I cut it out and she glued it to to the page.

DSC01858She cut out her verse and almost my finger and taped it together. She is showing me how long it is. This is the one thing we did that made me want to scream and we used about a half a roll of scotch tape. She loved it…….me? not so much:)

I worked with her a lot with the Rock Star activities so that is all of the pictures I have of those activities but she colored her bible verse, practiced writing the letter L, read her little beginning reader book which she memorized and could read to me today! She was beyond proud. Here are some of the other activities she worked on:

DSC01863  Not sure why this picture is coming in side ways but she made a foam lion with the letter L. It was very hard for me not to interject when she was putting the feet on wrong and the tail on the wrong side but I bit my tongue and let her do it her way. You can find all of the alphabet foam letter crafts here.DSC01824  Colored DSC01828Linked together these little plastic people. There arms connect together and are great for patterning. I found them at a local $ store.DSC01831Put stickers on the page DSC01834Put her patterning cards in order DSC01835 Matched bottle cap letters to our names

DSC01846 Put the discs in the right cup based on color

 DSC01857   Putting the ladybugs in order by size. I printed these from here.

My proudest moment this week is when she was able to say her bible verse. It is really long and I never thought she could do it. I have to say it with her but she knows it and that makes for a proud mama!!!

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