Wednesday, January 26, 2011


OK this is just a random post of this and that!

First – I babysat all day on Sunday and when I came home I walked into this


Yes, that is a 4x4x12 in the living room! The girls were so excited and had the best day with dad. They played circus and the beam was the tight rope. Along with a tight rope walker they had a lion tamer (Emily with a stuffed animal lion tied to her), a juggler and I can’t remember what else. Believe it or not this beam is still in the living room (tonight is the last night) because the girls have had tons and tons of fun on it! There is talk of the beam coming back out this weekend along with the cotton candy maker and clown face paint so we can have a family circus. Anybody want to come to our house this weekend? What, no takers????

Ellie saw a boat valentine holder in Family Fun magazine and of course she said we had to have it to hold our family valentines (the boat was in the middle of her table on her Valentine plans). It is basically an O.J. bottle with card board taped to the front. There is a section cut out  in the back to stick the valentines in and is covered with construction paper. Once I helped her cover it she decorated it all on her own and then made all of us Valentines and stuck in the back. She was very proud!


My last bit of randomness is that we are still trucking along in school but I have not taken any pictures the last 2 weeks. I have been very slack!!! Emily is doing great with Raising Rock Stars and we just finished up the letter H week. Ellie is still moving along as well. She is still working on handwriting, math, and reading but we are just finishing up our winter activities, most of which I printed from here, so we can move into our chocolate Valentines activities!


Teresa said...

I have a clown to drop off for your circus. :)

Melenie said...

O, this looks like so much fun!