Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Favorites

I wanted to share some of the girls favorite Christmas gifts this year! All of their favorites except for Pick and Draw came from family members but of coarse Emily’s least favorite gift, which was actually a birthday present, came from Chris and I….go figure! Here is their list of favorites.


how_sidebar I ordered Pick and Draw after seeing it on several blogs and we are not disappointed! It is so fun! You can read more about it here

31bdKLp k L__SL500_AA300_Emily got this sofa and now she has one just like Ellie. She loved it so much she slept in it for 2 nights! 5103A0KcqRL__AA300_We have Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom which they love and they love this game just as much!41AK51XH98L__SL500_AA300_  This is a great learning cash register. My only complaint is the drawer opens so forcefully that the coins pop out. It still has so many great features that we can use for school and play!

  pTRU1-7853804reg317B Xq0KTL__SL500_AA300_They love their new bikes! Emily got a 12” Pinkalicious which is her first big girl bike and she can ride like a pro already. Ellie got an 18” Barbie bike.517PRBP- DL__SL500_AA300_We had Guess Who but Guess Who Extra is so much better! We have played this game A LOT!41up4igKGJL__SL500_AA300_ Ellie wanted a cotton candy maker so bad and it did not disappoint!

41IWT-QyfkL__SL500_AA300_ This wooden food has been a huge hit with Emily. We have eaten lots of wooden food around here. Good thing it is zero calories!!!


Emily’s least favorite gift…..

Baby Alive. She is the cute doll that laughs, cries, sucks on a bottle, and all sorts of things. I thought she would LOVE it! When she opened it she seemed excited until I opened my big mouth and said that she peeps and poops too! Well that did it! She wanted nothing else to do with her and asked Chris not to open the box. I think I will put her away for awhile:)

What were your kids favorite gifts?

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Billy & Megan said...

zero calories - you crack me up ;)