Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have always loved workbooks! Ellie has never been a fan until recently and Emily LOVES them. Anytime she is done with her workboxes she says that she better get out her workbook. We have several favorites. Kumon of course, who doesn’t love those, but we have found several that we love just as much.

Gakken is very similar to Kumon but the girls love the pictures and stickers in them. There are several different ones but I think Let’s Create is our favorite.


A friend also introduced us to the Mead workbooks. Snip It is my favorite. Each page has areas where you peel off the paper to make it sticky and than you use the paper you cut from the back to put on the sticky picture.


Other Mead workbooks we like are Color Bound, Idea Builder, and Ellie’s favorite, Shape Builder.


Do your kids like workbooks? If so, what is their favorite?


Teresa said...

You love workbooks??? Nerd. :)
Here are a couple that we like:



Julie said...

Are you kidding? When I was in elementary school I used to use my allowance to buy them. I am cool like that:)