Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Party Planner

I am pretty sure I have mentioned on here before that Ellie loves to plan and have parties. It is no lie when I say that we have at least 2-3 parties a week. It can be anywhere from a tea party to a stuffed animal party to a triangle party. You name it we have had it! For one of her gifts awhile back we gave her a big box with plates, napkins, streamers, plastic cups and silverware, gift bags, tablecloths etc. in it and called it her party box and she uses it all of the time. It isn’t surprising that she wants us to have a family Valentine’s party on Valentine’s day. So I go in to check on her last night assuming that she was asleep and I find her propped up in bed. She had an office organizer type thing, that zips open on her lap and holds a tablet on one side and pen and notes on the other, sitting on her lap and the Valentine’s Family Fun magazine beside her. She was flipping through the magazine for the 100th time and drawing out all of the ideas she wants to include for our party. She said that she couldn’t wait to share her plans with us in the morning. I could not help but to smile. I love this girl!!!


DSC01883 DSC01884


Teresa said...

She is so your child. :)

Katy said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE it!!! A girl after my own heart!!! I love that girl too!