Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blogging Break

I took a blogging break but I didn't mean too!! Life has been crazy busy this week and I never seem to have a free second to stop and blog but I am back. My mom came and stayed the whole week with us and just left today. It was great and we are going to miss her soooo much!!!! I had started a blog post last weekend but never finished it so here it is.

Ellie loves for us to tell her stories but never really wants to tell us a story. For Christmas she got these really neat story time cards. There are several ways you can use them and I plan on breaking them out this week for the first time. They way I plan on using them is for us to take turns drawing a card and take turns incorporating the picture into one big story. If that doesn't work hopefully it will give me story ideas because my creativity is running thin. I also saw this really cool story time dice that I want to make that would be cool for restaurants etc.


Anonymous said...

It is about time you got back! You know who.

Katy said...

I know - I have missed my Queen update!!! :-)