Monday, April 20, 2009

Sign Language

When Ellie was little we did sign language with her. It was so great because she was able to let us know when she was hungry and thirsty etc. We learned most of the sign language from the Signing Times video series. They are wonderful and we all enjoyed watching them. Unfortunately when Ellie was around 2 1/2 she kind of lost interest in the videos and since she could hold conversations at this point so we all stopped signing. Well, once Emily was around 6 months old we started signing with her and I am just blown away with how many signs she knows at 15 months. She is not the least bit interested in TV except for the Signing Time videos. It has also been great because her and Ellie can communicate some. Ellie had forgotten a lot of the signs she had learned when she was younger but she remembers the basics. I have decided to start incorporating sign language into our preschool lessons and hopefully we will stick with signing even when Emily starts talking.

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