Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom's Visit

The girls and I are really missing Nana today! I am sure she was exhausted and probably ready to get home but it was fun while it lasted. While she was here we went out to eat (a lot), went shopping at IKEA of course, redid my living room and most importantly spent some great quality time with the girls. Every morning Ellie would go into the bonus room and snuggle up in bed with Nana and sweet talk her. It was so sweet and of course Nana spoiled both girls rotten. Emily took to mom right away with a little ice cream sandwich persuasion. We set up a few things to keep the girls busy. We put out things to give baby Kate a bath. We had a bath, soap, sponges, squirt bottles, and wash clothes. They both loved this and it kept them busy quite awhile. We set up a vet station on the coffee table with baskets of Dr. equipment, bandages, band aids, and a bunch of stuffed animals. Ellie enjoyed putting the bandages on the animals and Emily liked playing with the stethoscope. We ended up playing this with them so I forgot to get pictures but I am sure we will play that again soon. Out of everything we did at the house they enjoyed playing out in the garage the most. Normally we don't play out there because it is either too hot or too cold or Chris has a project he is working on but the weather was great and it was cleaned up so the girls spent a lot of time out there painting, playing ball and riding bikes. It is so cute to see them start to play together. We sure hope mom can come and visit again soon!


Katy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!! What a treat to have your Mom with you for so long!!!

Christopher said...

I missed most of it but it is always a pleasure when Mom visits...and the kids love it too!