Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here are some preschool activities we have been doing.
Using the foam blocks to fill in the pattern. (Sorry the pic is sideways:) )

Easter egg gel clings for the window. I had her pick a # and that is how many eggs she had to put in her basket. I thought she would love this but she only wanted to do it once.

Graphing with dot markers.

Sorting money into groups. I ended up downsizing the amount of coins b/c she was to overwhelmed. She had a hard time distinguishing between nickel and quarter.

We have also worked on learning the sign language for colors... we have done blue, red, yellow, pink, purple and orange. After we learn how to do a color we would go on a color hunt and fill our baskets with the colored items we were working on. I didn't think she would love this because it would be too simple but it was her favorite activity.

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Christopher said...

She is doing so well with her sorting and counting now....I can tell such a big difference.