Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Day

Last Wednesday was Earth Day but so was Chris' birthday so we "celebrated" it on Thursday. Our globe sits on a shelf in the bonus room and the girls have never really paid much attention to it but I put it on the table while we were eating breakfast and they were so excited!!! While they played with the globe I explained to them about the meaning of Earth Day and how we live on Earth. We talked about Earth is made up of land, air and water and how God made this beautiful Earth so we need to take care of it. Ellie and I colored a picture of the Earth and Ellie decorated hers with flowers. I found a cute story on Kidssoup about the rain cycle so we did that and I showed Ellie the recycling symbol and we talked about the importance of recycling. Now she picks out the symbol on all sorts of things and says "Yeah, we can recycle this!" She asked lots of questions and seemed really interested in all of the activities and throughout the day she would ask what other things I could tell her about Earth. We had a lot fun. I had also planned on taking the girls on a walk to pick up trash but we have yet to do it but hopefully we will do it sometime this week.


Christopher said...

I loved it when I came home and Ellie was telling me all about the Earth. Throught the weekend she continued to show me the recycle symbol and tell me we needed to recycle it. When we found litter she would tell me how people should recycle stuff instead of throwing it down.

Teresa said...

I want to spend Earth Day at your house next year.