Monday, April 27, 2009

New Activities

Recently we have gotten two really cool things to add to our preschool activities.

The first one is Widgets. Ellie got these for her birthday and we love them!! It is something fun for Ellie, Emily and me! You can build so many neat things. She also got widget cards that have you build certain patterns but we haven't even broken those out yet.

Another cool thing we have gotten is Wiki Sticks. I purchased the alphabet cards and it came with a good amount of wiki sticks. They have a wax coating on them so they stick to the cards. Ellie has enjoyed this more then I thought she would. Several times I have gone in her room and she was sitting at her desk doing the alphabet wiki sticks. Also, if you have never checked out the Let's Explore store where I purchased the sticks then you need to check it out. Lots of cool stuff!!

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