Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ellie is 5!!!

I just can't believe my sweet baby girl is 5 today. For some reason this is such a big birthday to me. There is just no way she can be 5 already. When I was getting all sappy with her this morning she told me not to worry because she would always be my baby and she would stop growing for awhile and that cheered me right up:) Ellie is so much like her dad it is not funny! She can tune people out like no one else but is also so sweet and compassionate not to mention funny (she gets that from me : ) )! I love they way she is so appreciative of the little things I do for her. She says thank you for making dinner most nights and thank you for making school fun most school days. I just love that! Ellie, mommy loves you more then you can ever imagine!!!! Happy Birthday baby girl!


Anonymous said...

I too cannot believe that Ellie is 5! It seems like only yeaterday that she was holding a bottle' I found out the hard way that if you don't enjoy them when they are young that you don't get a second chance and before you know it they have moved away" HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE from grandpa and grandma McClellan. Love you

Katy said...

What a big girl!! Happy birthday Elle Belle!!