Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been meaning to post about our penguin activities for a week now but life has been busy:) I could not believe how many fun penguin printables and activities I found on other blogs and sites!! I love the Internet. Anyway, we had a lot of fun learning about these cute little guys. Here are some of our activities:
Reading lots of penguin books while eating goldfish of course!
Playing a penguin grid game from here (such an awesome site)
We used the printables from here to make words ending in at

I made a little sensory tub of cotton balls and the McDonald's penguins. Both girls enjoyed this.
Penguin dot marker pages from here
Learn to draw a penguin. This great idea came from here

Matching penguin colored hats to the right penguin

Making penguin puppets. I used Ellie's penguin as the circle time leader the next day and the girls loved this. They directed all of their questions etc. to the penguin. I really thought Ellie would think this was silly but she surprised me!

We also painted the bottom of our feet black and white and two of our toes orange and made really cute penguins out of the footprint. I didn't get any pics because I had a 4 year old and 2 year old with paint on their feet so you understand! If you want to see the finished product check out this site where I got the idea.
We finished off the week with the movie Happy Feet and these yummy treats. They were tasty. I got the recipe from here. Basically it is an Oreo dipped in dark chocolate with white chocolate bellies and orange chocolate feet and beak.


Julia - preschooljoy said...

I seriously love your blog. You have a great array of fun stuff! Thanks for sharing...I came across it from a link on cm. I'm all inspired to do workboxes now...hubby beware!

Melenie said...

Those treats are adorable!
It looks like a fun week.

Anonymous said...

These kids are going to be so creative when they grow up. Great job" DAD

Christopher said...

Too fun! What was their favorite activity. I really like the learn how to draw a penguin activity. Probably because I have problems with stick figures!

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

Your penguin treats are adorable!!!!!