Friday, March 19, 2010

Workboxes - St. Patrick's Day

Our theme for workboxes last week was all things St. Patrick's Day including rainbows and leprechauns. I was excited to do this theme because normally we don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day because it is the day after Ellie's birthday and after having everyone over and cooking and cleaning I am just too tired to plan any fun activities. This year I was able to plan and it was really fun. We started off by reading lots of books and talking about St. Patrick himself. The books we read came from this recommendation. The rest of the boxes included:

Shamrock file folder game printed from here: Color the letter R for our alphabet book using color changing markers. The R printout came from here.Leprechaun grid game from hereRainbow scratch off sheets from Lake Shore LearningLetter R pin punch from hereColor by number rainbow printed from hereUpper and lower case alphabet rainbow match from hereMake a fruit rainbow for snack. I took this picture before I filled the other pot of gold with Nutella. YUMMY:) This idea came from Family Fun magazine.We made green lemonade by mixing yellow lemonade with blue food coloring. I got this idea from here.We did an experiment using food coloring and milk to watch the colors swirl around. It is really cool and easy. Add milk to a shallow dish and then add a few drops of food color. Dip a toothpick into dish washing liquid and then dip it in the milk and watch the colors swirl. We made a leprechaun trap using a box and paper towel holder. We lured the leprechaun in by making gold nuggets with rocks and gold glitter.
We didn't catch a leprechaun but they did leave us some chocolate gold nuggets, a mess in the living room and green toilet water, silly little guys!


Cindy said...

We just did the milk exp. and my guy loved it. Your fruit platter looks amazing. So nummy.

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad that you liked the links and activities. Alyssa also LOVED the rainbow milk experiment when we did it. I absolutely LOVE LOVE your rainbow fruit snack. Yummy ... Nutella ... one of my favorite treats.
Tracey at Tot Play