Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arm Warmers

I made Ellie the cutest arm warmers!!! She loves them and I think she looks so cute in them. I saw the idea a while back on this blog. I love the fact she can still wear a short sleeve shirt and just put the arm warmers on and they will come in very handy when Spring comes and it is chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I think I will make several more pairs. Just in case anyone is interested here is how you make them:

  • Buy a pair of adult knee socks

  • Cut them off right above the ankle

  • Turn them inside out and turn over a small amount of the sock to make a hem
  • Sew a whip stitch all the way around and you are done

I cheated a little though. I just did a regular stitch because I just wanted to get them done. Truthfully I didn't sew them well at all and I just hope the stitch doesn't come out:) I will do it correctly the next time.

Also wanted to mention that I fixed the link to the the recipe blog!


Christopher said...

They are so cute...do you ever rest?

Julie said...

Dude, you know how lazy I am:)

Teresa said...

I love these. Did I hear you mention homemade gifts for everyone this year??? Hint, hint for Abby's b-day. :)

Katy said...

too cute!!! Ms Emily looks like she was having fun in dress up world! ;-)