Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to the Grind!

Next week we are starting back with our preschool activities. We took time off during the holidays but are ready to get back to it. This week we got back into the routine of doing the chore chart and following our “schedule”. Unfortunately, Emily has decided she only needs one nap so we are back to square one with the schedule and I am not exactly sure when to do our preschool activities. I have seen so many cool preschool activities lately on other blogs and so many have come from the Kidssoup website. You have to pay but it looks worth it so I signed up. It is only $2.15 a month and I have had so much fun checking it out and getting ideas. Some of the things we are going to work on in the following weeks are our numbers 11-20, writing more letters and of course Montessori like activities. We are also going to cook some because Ellie is really into cooking right now. She has a couple of cookbooks and loves flipping through them and picking out recipes so we are going to make 1-2 things a week until she doesn't want to any more. Here are the cookbooks we have and we love both of them.
I like them because they have written directions for the parents and picture directions for the kids. Pretend soup is my favorite. I want to get this one for Ellie but I wonder if it is any good.

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