Friday, January 16, 2009


We usually go to the library every week to get the girls books and it is hit or miss if we find some good ones. We hit the jack pot last week and I thought I would share a couple of the really cute ones.

When The Library Lights Go Out is sooo cute!!! It is really great to do as a unit study because there is so many activities that you could branch off with this book. This would be a really good one to buy!!

The Circus Is Coming is a short simple read with great illustrations. I think the reason we loved it so much is because we just went to see the circus exhibit at Discovery Place.

Ellie loved Mess Pets because the two girls in the story grew animals out of the mess in their room. Cute book but not my favorite but one of Ellie's.

Do You Still Love Me was one of my favorites. It had such a cute little message and Ellie loved how the dog would scratch his fleas into the ladies coffee. I think she is going to be a little prankster!!


Christopher said...

Mess Pest was my favorite...Growing pets and going to an imaginary land. Fun even if the imaginary land was made of mess.

Teresa said...

Just put a hold on most of these. Thanks for sharing. :)