Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday Banner

I love family traditions!!! We have being adding new traditions here and there and I really hope the girls enjoy them over the years and end up doing them with their families. Recently I decided that I wanted to make a birthday banner for us to put up every time any of us has a birthday. Hopefully the girls won't get sick of it over the years and will be comforted by the fact that we put the same banner up on their special day. One of the things I love about it is the fabric that I used. I used fabric from Emily's nursery, their playroom, the first dress I ever made Ellie and Emily and also some random fabric that I really liked. The banner was really fun and pretty easy to make. For anyone interested here are some pretty basic directions:

1. Cut triangle out of card stock. I made approx. 8 1/2 x 9"

2. Use triangle template to cut out two pieces from each fabric so you end up with 26 triangles.

3. Cut out all of the Happy Birthday letters from felt. I free handed mine but I am sure you could find letters on the Internet to trace.

4. Sew each letter on a separate triangle. I sewed them on with the machine but you could hand sew them. Now you have thirteen triangles with letters and thirteen without.

5. Once you have all the letters on you sew the 2 triangles that are alike together. Just sew the sides up and leave the top open.

6. Now it is time to sew all of the triangles together. I used bias tape to do this. I had never used it before so I watched this great tutorial on YouTube.
Don't worry about everything lining up perfectly etc. because the bias tape covers everything at the top and you can also trim any fabric that doesn't line up right. Here is the finished product.

I hope this makes sense!!


Christopher said...

I think it is are becoming quite the seamstress.

Teresa said...

I love this. Can't wait to make my own. Your directions will really help me. Will you please take a picture of your husband so he can stop using the creepy internet guy for his profile picture???

Julie said...

He likes creepy internet guy. I have already tried:)

Christopher said...

I think CIG is a very good likeness!