Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun food!

I know I write a lot about food but what can I say.....I love to eat and so do the girls!!!!! Here are a few of our favorite fun foods.

Muffin Tin lunches are big in the blogging world and are a huge hit here. We usually have a muffin tin lunch once a week. We have been doing these for months and they have not lost any appeal to Ellie. We have also done muffin tin dinners and build your own sundae muffin tin. Possibilities are endless!!Grilled cheese lollipops!Bagel faces! The "recipe" for the this came out of Ellie's cookbook Pretend Soup. We have themed them too. At Halloween we tinted the cream cheese orange and red at Christmas. Very tasty!

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Christopher said...

Wow...and I thought food was fun all on it's own. I Ellie loves the muffin tin meals...that pinkalicious is looking pretty good!