Monday, January 19, 2009

School Week

We had a pretty good school week last week. As much as I love Montessori activities Ellie just hasn't taken to them that much or maybe I just am not presenting them correctly but any how this week we focused more on doing other things. I think I will always offer a few Montessori activities but for now we are going to mix in other things as well. This past week we:
  • started working on sight words and our first one was the, she learned to spell it, practiced writing it, and found it in different books. We also started a word worm so every week that we start a new word we will add it to our worm

  • read lots of books

  • worked on 24 piece puzzles. I have always said that Ellie isn't a puzzle girl but all of the sudden she is so into puzzles. I love it! Good lesson for me to keep introducing activities even if she doesn't show interest initially.

  • Water transferring activity with medicine dropper. She put food coloring in each section of water and used a dropper to transfer it. She got tired of this pretty quick but she finished it.

  • We worked on our numbers 11-20 using this cute activity I printed from Kidssoup. She matched all of the numbers to the alligator teeth and then I would call off a number for her to hand to me. She is having problems recognizing 15-20 but this activity helped.

I hope her excitement for doing preschool lasts. She still thinks we are playing pretend when we do preschool but what ever works:) I love the way she has to have her book bag before we start, brings something for show and tell and calls me teacher.

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Christopher said...

Just thinking of you as teacher makes me smile! You are so good at making things fun and interesting.