Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner and Stuff

This weeks menu:

Cranberry chicken w/ steamed broccoli

Meatball Subs w/Baked Chips and Guac

Indian Chicken w/rice and green beans

Beef Burritos

Shrimp Linguine w/salad

The cranberry chicken recipe came from this blog. She has such good recipes so I highly recommend checking it out!!

Here is what the girls are having:
Breakfast- cereal, eggs, waffles, toast, and ? which means she picks
Lunch - muffin tin, fish sticks, sandwich, pasta and cracker sandwiches

Last week we did not end up doing preschool at all other then reading lots of books!!! Not sure what happened Monday, Tuesday we played in the snow and Wed. and Thursday were NOT good days. Ellie had a problem keeping her attitude under control and by Friday I was just too exhausted. Hopefully this week will be better:)

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Christopher said...

Yeah baby...Friday is looking good to me!