Thursday, January 29, 2009

My girls

The girls, especially Ellie, have really given me a run for my money since last week. Lately, I feel so drained and depleted by the time Chris comes home. We can be having such a good day and by 4 o'clock it just seems to fall apart. By then both girls are driving me crazy, I am driving them crazy and I am trying to get dinner on the table. I have a few new ideas to try and make this time a little less hectic but I also want to try and hold on to the little moments God gives me with the girls, even the crazy ones, because time is flying by and I don't want to look back with lots of regrets. I often find myself wanting to do other things when I am playing with them and not appreciating the fact that I get to stay home with them. I really really want to try and stop thinking of the 100 other things I want to do and just enjoy the play time I set aside for us each day. That is what I am going to try and work on and continue to pray about.

Here are some of the cute things they have been up to:

Right now Emily is pushing around the shopping cart all through the house with a teddy bear in it. She will pull out the bear and hug him and put him back in. I taught her to hug yesterday and say UmmmMmmmm. She plays by herself so well!!!! Ellie never did that so it has been wonderful! She has also started playing with books and will sit for a little bit with Ellie and I while we read.

Ellie is still really into drawing!!!!!! She drew this flower during rest time and came out wearing this shirt this morning minus the juice stain from breakfast.
Me:Wow Ellie look at your shirt

Ellie: It wasn't beautiful so I drew on it and now it is beautiful!

Me: It is beautiful but we never draw on anything but paper

Ellie: But Mommy you draw and paint on me and Emily's shirts all of the time to make them beautiful.

I could write all day on the funny things Ellie says but I will spare everyone!!


Christopher said...

Too true about it all rushing by us. I feel the same way...I cannot wait to get home in the afternoon but sometimes I am so tired I find myself clock watching instead of enjoying the blessings God has placed in front of me.

Katy said...

Did she take the shirt off and draw on it and then put it back on??? Oh my goodness! What a hoot! She does have a good point though! :-)