Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wish Us Luck

Ellie is not wearing a diaper to bed tonight!!! She has been asking to wear big girl panties to bed for awhile and I have hesitated because she sleeps in a loft bed in total darkness. I was so scared she would fall getting out of bed so we were trying to find a way to have light without having a nightlight on all night. I suggested a tap light by her bed but my genius and very handy husband cut a hole in the wall and put a light switch that has a very faint light on it. He wired in with the electric outlet below so if she has to get up she can just hit the switch at the foot of her bed which turns on a lamp. We also told her that from now on she doesn't have to call us in the morning to come in her room that she can get up when the clock says seven. I know it sounds crazy but we have never let her get out of bed until we come get her because I didn't want her going in and out of her room all night or during rest time. Now that she knows she isn't allowed to get up until her alarm clock says 7 we don't have to worry about that (best thing we ever did by the way). When we went into her room a few minutes before 7 on Christmas she told us it wasn't time yet! Anyway, you would not believe how excited she is not only to wear big girl panties to bed but to be able to get up in the morning by herself. I think she was more excited then she was on Christmas Eve. Now lets hope she doesn't have an accident tonight:)

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Christopher said...

She has been doing so well with getting out or bed on her own. The first night she got up about 12 times but the last few she has only left her room once. What a big girl!