Monday, January 12, 2009

Night at the Movies

Chris is borrowing a projector for me this weekend so I can use it on a project and I thought we might as well use it as much as we can before we return it Monday:) We are going to have a night at the movies with Ellie Sat. in her playroom. We are going to rent a movie and project it on the playroom wall with our sleeping bags and pillows because Ellie LOVES using a sleeping bag! I am going to have it set up somewhat like a movie theater where you have to purchase a ticket, drink and snacks from the concession stand with tokens. Ellie can earn her tokens all week long by not getting any X's on her chart and doing extra chores. Sat. I am going to let her help decorate a movie sign and help set up our sleeping bags and what ever else I come up with to build the excitement for her. Lets just hope she earns enough tokens:) I would like it to be a movie we haven't seen so does anybody have any suggestions?

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Christopher said...

How do I earn my tokens? I like sugar babies and popcorn at the movies!